community mobilization fund

What is the Community Mobilization fund (CMF)?

The Community Mobilization Fund (CMF) furthers and funds collaborative work with
values-aligned organizations in projects that further RES’ charitable objectives.

What types of projects are supported by the cmf?

Projects that address and tackle systemic barriers to civic participation with and within ethnocultural, racialized, and equity seeking communities.

how would that be accomplished?

Projects can include (but are not limited to) community based research; workshops; public events; and the development of educational resources.

contribute to the cmf by…

The fund’s projects include…

The language access project

The Language Access Project (LAP) aims to address the growing need for cultural competency and language accessibility from all levels of government and public institutions, by sharing knowledge and creating space to build long-term relationships between community experts and institutional staff. 

The project advisory committee was convened out of the C19 Response Coalition, and consists of community leaders and core partner organizations who have been leading translation, interpretation, and public engagement projects with our respective communities.

Hua foundation’s race & equity project


hear it from hua foundation:

We stand in solidarity with people and communities impacted by racism, discrimination, and stigmatization, including and beyond our own ancestral communities across the East Asian diaspora. We acknowledge the disproportionate, historical, and lasting impacts of racism on Black, Indigenous, and racialized communities—including and beyond our own. Part of this work will consist of unpacking our own complicity with colonial power structures, addressing the lateral violence that exists across racialized communities, and being mindful of the space we take up.

Loss in Translation: A Summer Workshop Series for Asian Youth
anti-racism + solidarities resource collection